Industrial Operations

Estève & Compagnie

A holding company for industrial operations

An Industrial Group

Estève & Compagnie is a holding company, founded at the beginning of 2019 in order to take over 100% of the Pinet Industrie group in June 2019. The company name is a tribute to the founder of the family business, Jean Estève (1807-1892).

  • 1840

    Jean Estève establishes the company in Paris, specialising in the manufacture of musical instruments

  • 1885

    Jean Estève sells the company to Léon Pinet, who marries the great-daughter of Jean Estève

  • 1921

    Pinet diversifies its activity, and begins manufacturing hinges

  • 1988

    Transfer of the headquarters to Roissy

  • 1996

    Construction of the plant in Chaulnes

  • 2009

    Construction of the logistics platform

  • 2013

    Foundation of Pinet Tunisia

  • 2019

    Transfer of Pinet shares to Estève & Compagnie

  • 2022

    Acquisition of Bosch Scharnieren in the Netherlands


Estève & Compagnie is directly controlled by Guillaume Bataille.

The other minority shareholders are:

  • PINET SA (former owner of Pinet Industrie)
  • Picardie Investissement (invest fund)
  • Members of Pinet Industrie’s top management

Guillaume BATAILLE

He is a direct descendant, the 6th generation, of Jean Estève, who founded the company in 1840.

Guillaume Bataille graduated from Paris Dauphine University, with a major in finance. He then joined a retail company in the purchasing department.

In 1997 he joined Poclain Hydraulics, a 400M€ company, where he was responsible for implementing a worldwide information system for the group. His achievements included setting up finance for an LBO. Transferring with Poclain to the United States in 1999 he lead the North American sales team operationally. Coming back to France in 2003, he became Head of Sales for the group. In 2007, he took charge of Business Development, becoming Assistant Managing Director. He was ultimately appointed to the role of Executive Vice-Président in 2009, and Chief Operating Officer in 2015. He left Poclain Hydraulics in 2019 and founded Estève & Compagnie.


The company aims at building a group of companies with industrial operations with preference for the hinges industry.

We are entrepreneurs willing to support the development of industrial European and US companies whose business histories and people are aligned with the challenges of future generations.

We are investing with a long-term strategy.

We believe that people are the most valuable asset of a company.


Estève et Compagnie


27 M€

Export Sales

52 %



Turnover Estève et compagnie

Group Companies

Pinet Industrie - 2019

Bosch Scharnieren - 2022


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